A Complete, Integrated Solution for Managing and Growing your Litigation Service Business

Designed collectively by technology and reporting firm professionals, Acclaim Solaria™ was built to meet the specific needs of some of the nation’s premier court reporting and litigation service firms. Acclaim Solaria is a complete Windows®-based solution for your reporting firm management and day-to-day operational needs. With Solaria, you’ll have an intuitive interface to your entire office. You’ll make better, smarter, faster decisions because you’ll have instant access to accurate, timely information across all departments of your business. Instead of separate, independent business applications, Solaria will provide you with a single, integrated suite of solutions.

Integration with Microsoft® Office and other Popular Tools

Best yet, Solaria is completely integrated with the popular office automation and business tools you’re likely using today – Microsoft Office for unlimited custom letters or documents and QuickBooks® for your accounting. Interacting with attorneys and reporters is easier than ever because Solaria integrates with email, automatically sending immediate email confirmations and updates with links to Outlook calendars – or links to view maps and directions to the deposition location. With our ServiceLink™ option (see below), Solaria can be integrated with the Web, allowing you to provide online scheduling and repositories for your clients, further improving your client communications and optimizing your reporter schedules.

Helping You Meet Client and Reporter Needs with 24×7 Access to Your Business

To compete in today’s competitive, hectic, and ever-changing environment, your clients and reporters need 24 x 7 access to your business. But how do you achieve this without tying up valuable time and resources or increasing overhead costs? That’s where Acclaim Legal ServiceLink™ comes in. ServiceLink is a secure, intuitive solution that lets you extend your business to offer round-the-clock services via the Web. Clients log in using their own password, and can only access exactly what you allow them to see.

Clients – Extend your calendar and billing solution – as well as your entire back-office and office management solution – to allow your clients to schedule and confirm depositions, view their schedule, download files, view orders and pay their invoices.

Reporters – Enable your reporters to see their jobs online (and only their jobs), confirm jobs and download errata and spelling sheets or exhibits.  They can check in at jobs right from their cell phone and turn in their worksheets and files without coming into the office.  They can also view the status of their invoices and payments on them.

Paralegals – Avoid all that time on the phone trying to help paralegals confirm appointments or chase down files from the reporters. Let the paralegals download what they need, when they need it – from any system on the web. You’ll greatly reduce headaches for both you and the paralegals.

Acclaim Legal ServiceLink is a solution to extend your business beyond brick-and-mortar to the new age of reporting… without having to spend a fortune on software or administration – and without wasting time on extensive training and support.